now I really know where I am

my Garmin eTrex Venture was waiting for me when I got into work today. pretty quick service, GPSW get the thumbs up in my books.

we went geocaching last night with janie and steve and found On The Way Down To The Wood, Down to the Wood and Travis in the New Forest. having felt that we’d done sufficient exercise we went for a curry at the gandhi.

whilst re-entering my diary data the other day I noticed that despite writing to the pizza hut in july 2000 they never ever got back to be – they really suck !


that tired feeling

I feel pretty knackered this morning. I seem to have had a series of 2:30 am bedtimes recently – the cold I seem to have caught isn’t helping much either.

I ordered a Garmin eTrex Venture yesterday, should make geocaching a bit easier. It turns up tomorrow so I’m quite excited about that.

We (steve, janie and I) we geocaching the weekend before last and totally enjoyed it. we found without a paddle and ponies and prickles getting severly spiked doing the last one. still it was fun.

I watched k-pax with roland last night – it was pretty good – I wonder when it’s going to be released in the uk.

well – thats all for now